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Marie de Simony
in the garden at Chamenay
Marie de Simony

Madame Hippolyte BLANC née Marie de SIMONY de BROUTHIERES


Marie de Simony de Brouthières was one of Count Alphonse de Simony's (1805-1874) three daughters: Marie, Hélène and Ursule.

She is buried in the Garchizy (Nièvre) cemetery beside her husband, Hippolyte Blanc. She left no children. A very discreet and faithful person, with her husband she devoted herself to strengthening the close ties between the nephews and nieces, children and grandchildren of all the different branches of the family.

On the death of Count Alphonse de Simony in 1874, Marie inherited the "Maison de  Chamenay" where the close relationship between the generations was fostered.

Marie de Simony married Hippolyte Blanc in a religious ceremony in the Sainte-Vièrge chapel, in Saint-Sulpice church, Paris, on September 2 1858… in front of a select congregation. One notable guest was Louis Reybaud, politician and man of letters, a friend of the government minister, Mr. Thiers and, like him, a native of Marseilles which he had left for Paris in 1828.

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