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Gabriel Reinburg
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REINBURG Gabriel (1834-1891)

Gabriel Reinburg was CavaillÚ-Coll's favourite voicer. The Reinburgs, a family of organ builders, were natives of Strasbourg. They joined the CavaillÚ-Coll Company in 1842, through their father, Mathias Reinburg.

On November 14 1867, Gabriel married Berthe Cavaillé, Vincent Cavaillé-Coll's daughter. Three children were born of this marriage, two of whom survived: Pierre Reinburg, born in 1877 and his sister, Paule Reinburg, born in 1879.

The year after the Siege of Paris, in 1870, Aristide CavaillÚ-Coll gave Gabriel Reinburg the power "to manage and administer both actively and passively the commercial activities of the church organ and drawing room organ factory established in Paris at No. 15 avenue du Maine".

Gabriel Reinburg died on January 28 1891 in the Cavaillé-Coll Mansion, where he occupied "an apartment comprising a kitchen, a dining room, a lounge with three windows overlooking the garden, three bedrooms looking onto the garden, a room on the first floor used as a workshop, and, in the entrance lodge, a bedroom opening onto the courtyard and lit by one window". He is buried in the Montparnasse Cemetery.

With his death came the rapid decline of the business and the building was sold at auction by court order the following year. Aristide CavaillÚ-Coll moved to No 21 rue du Vieux-Colombier where he hoped to spend a peaceful retirement, surrounded by his daughter, CÚcile, and his devoted servants.

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