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Félix Reinburg

REINBURG Félix (1837-1897)

FélixReinburg was the twin brother of Father Emile Reinburg, They were born in Strasbourg on February 17 1837. He owed his education to an aunt, a saintly woman who took the place of his deceased mother. On November 27 1860, he married Anaïs Lhuillier at Saint-Sulpice. They had eight children. His was the only branch of the family to continue with organ building .His son, Charles, joined Cavaillé-Coll's company in 1874, followed by his brother, Jean, in 1882. Charles's son followed them.

Like his brother, Gabriel Reinburg, Félix was a distinguished voicer known in particular for his work on the organs of the "abbaye aux Hommes in Caen", in 1882.

On that occasion, he attracted the attention of Charles-Marie Philbert, the French Consul in Amsterdam who was an expert on organ building and knew the Cavaillé-Coll company well. He wrote: "He is a true artist, and, I can say with absolute conviction an exceptional one. He has an innate sense of the poetry of the organ, a remarkably accurate eye and, what is truly rare, highly developed and refined taste".

Félix Reinburg was 1. 69m. tall with blonde hair and blue eyes, a straight nose, an average mouth, a rounded chin, an oval face and a light complexion. In 1872, he chose to have French nationality, which he intended to keep in spite of having been born in Strasbourg, city of shifting borders.

Félix Reinburg died on October 24 1897, in his home at No 117, avenue du Maine."As he lay dying, following a fall during the repairs to the Notre-Dame-de-Paris organ, his sons Charles and Louis watched by his bedside. In the evening, an old man visited the dying man. It was the old Aristide Cavaillé-Coll Coll who had come to visit one last time the man who, throughout his life, had helped and served him well. And there was nothing more heartrending than the sight of the old man weeping beside his employee". (Family archives, Félix Reinburg/Lenglet/Paradis)

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