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Emmanuel Cavaillé-Coll

CAVAILLE-COLL Emmanuel (1860 - 1922)

Emmanuel Cavaillé-Coll was born in Paris on May 20 1860. Personal records show that his mother, Adèle Blanc had a home confinement in the presence of Alphonse de Simony and Hippolyte Blanc. From elementary class 3 to secondary class 3 Emmanuel was a pupil at the Petit séminaire Notre-Dame-des- Champs where the master responsible for discipline was Father Emile Reinburg.

On March 6 1878, the architect Alphonse Simil presented Emmanuel as a candidate for the Ecole des Beaux-Arts, to study architecture.

He studied under Pierre-Victoire Galland, professor of decorative arts and Jean-Louis Pascal (1837-1920). In 1886, with his friend Marcel Bouillard he competed for the Sèvres cup (Musée de Luxembourg). In 1893, he received a mention at the Salon des Artistes Français and his work as a decorator took him to the Richelieu lecture hall and the Vice-Chancellor's office at the Sorbonne, the Amboise City Hall and the Royal castle at Laeken (Belgium). In April 1904, he worked at the Sens City Hall (ceilings) the casino in Aix-lex-Bains (mosaic) and at the Monaco Oceanographic Museum (mosaic). As a student at the Limoges school of decorative arts (ceramic painting) he decorated the Compagnie des Wagon Lits' presidential train and several organ cases. Among these was the gold and white organ case that was installed in 1892 for the organist, Charles-Marie Widor professor of decorative arts at the Ecole normale d'enseignement du dessin at his home at No. 3, rue de l' Abbaye.

Emmanuel Cavaillé-Coll was made an Officier d'Academie, in 1904. There were two children of his marriage to Marie Schoch, André (1896) and Jacques (died in 1978). He died in Paris on November 13 1922.

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