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Adéle Blanc
Aristide Cavaillé-Coll

BLANC Adèle (1828-1868)

Mrs Aristide CAVAILLE-COLL - sister of Hippolyte -

Like her brother she was from Marseilles and came to live in Paris with her parents on rue Notre Dame-de-Lorette, across from her future husband, Aristide Cavaillé-Coll's workshop. There were many guests at their wedding including: Victor HAMILLE; Vincent CAVAILLE; Hippolyte BLANC; Sébastien ERARD; the harmonium maker, DEBAIN etc.

She owed her interest in drawing and painting to the banker, Henri Place's involvement in her husband's business. At the time of Adèle's marriage, in 1834, Henri was a friend and a member of the painter Ingres's, circle. He shared with him and the painters Scheffer and Isabey, a keen interest in art and also had business interests in common with them.

In the portrait she did of her sister-in-law, Marie de Simony, in 1862, Madame Cavaillé-Coll, demonstrated her talent and her attachment to the Ingres school.

The union was fruitful producing seven children of whom only four survived. She died on October 20 1868 the day after the birth of her seventh child (the baby was pronounced stillborn) at Choissy-le-Roi, in her parents-in-law's old house where she had gone to rest and await the birth. She is buried in the Montparnasse Cemetery in Paris beside Aristide Cavaillé-Coll.

Cécile CAVAILLE-COLL ( 1854-1944 )
Emmanuel CAVAILLE-COLL (1860-1922)
Joseph CAVAILLE-COLL ( 1862-1884 )
Gabriel CAVAILLE-COLL (1864-1916 )

Mrs. Blanc/Cavaillé was to lose two young children to croup in 1859: Isabelle and Pierre, aged eight months and three respectively.

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