The Reconstruction of the Tautavel Man

Using the front and the parietal bone of the Tautavel Man, specialists were able to assemble an entire skull using fragments that were found at other sites.

The miscellaneous pieces of skull that were thus brought together offered the possibility of a new endeavor: by precisely calibrating the space between the eye cavities, the location of the nose, ears, and mouth, and by studying the muscle attachments, a facsimile of the physiognomy could be created. Still, this study does not give any information on the fleshy parts that were not braced by bone, such as nose, lips, and ears. Thus, several interpretations remain possible.

© Drawings : Carlo Ranzi

The life-sized drawing of the skull clearly shows the muscle attachments.

© Drawings : Carlo Ranzi

It is possible to match the powerful muscles with the bones that they were attached to. Starting with the cut-away anatomy of the face thus created, an interpretation of the physiognomy is achieved.