The Vadastra Culture
(Middle Neolithic)

Linear Ceramic Culture
Starcevo-Cris Culture
Precucuteni Culture
Cucuteni Culture
Vadastra Culture
Culture Vinca
Dudesti Culture
Salcuta Culture

Dispersion of the culture and principle sites
Dispersion of the culture
and principle sites.
Geographic Setting : The Vadastra is found in Romania in part of Oltenia and to the northern center of Bulgaria.
Habitation : The known settlements are in diverse locations; tells appear towards the end of the evolution of this culture, some surrounded by ditches for defense. The houses are either buried deeply in the ground (in the first phase) or built at ground level as in the case of the tells.
Material Means : The ceramic, black or gray, is remarkably decorative, with incisions and encrusted with a white clay. Some copper objects have been discovered.
Economics : The economy is characterized by agriculture, already incorporating the use of animals for labor and tilling, a full implementation of animal breeding, hunting and gathering.

MNIR n° 15858
Anthropomorphic vase à décor d'incisions
with incrustations of white clay.