Title : Riding equipment
Spurs with fixing buckles In the eleventh century, war was mainly made on horseback. The settlers of Colletière possessed a great number of horses, according to the quantity of saddlery buckles, horse shoes and shoeing nails collected.
Saddle's front part
The military use of horses is proved by accessories which can have no other role : several saddle-bows and saddle bands, often decorated with geometric figures, either carved or poker worked, harnesses, many spurs sometimes still equipped with their small fixing buckle. Decorated saddle bow
Two bridle's bit The horse was led by a snaffle bit or a double-bridled bit, specific training or fighting accessory : two bridles allowed to draw the mouth by a brutal apparatus, the others were used to lead the animal.
The horse was also equipped with a head harness, sometimes richly decorated. The most beautiful jewel that has been found is a cabochon made of red and blue enamelled brass, among the most ancient medieval enamels known. It was fixed on the sides of the harness, under the horse's ear.

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