Greek and Roman Wrecks

The search for a new site for a breakwater to protect the Qaitbay Fort led to the exploration of the north of the East Port and to the discovery of cargoes from Greek and Roman ships of between the IVth and VIIth centuries AD. They provide new elements for reconstructing the history of trade between Alexandria and the rest of the Mediterranean. The study of the cargo from one of these ships has been completed. During the Ist century BC, the ship left from the south-east coast of Italy. Its first port of call was Crete. It then sailed for Rhodes and Alexandria. When it arrived close to the entry of the East Port, the ship foundered some hundred metres after hitting a rock that is visible today at a depth of three metres. There are still a number of wrecks to be explored and studied.

Excavation : Jean-Yves Empereur, CEA ; Diagram: CEA