Logo Seeing and Understanding

A leaflet for the exhibition is given free of charge at the Meeting Point of the Museum. This leaflet is close to the exhibition and invites visitors to a closer exam of the works of art. Those originate from the numerous sites distributed over the Pyrenees. An in-depth enquiry on Magdalenian life !

Quiz The ticket is given at the Meeting Point of the Museum. Once they feel familiar whith the exhibition, visitors can begin the quiz. The would be archaeologists decipher engraved small blades, in search of hidden objects.

Film The Niaux cave - A videofilm on show in the exhibition. Running time : 20 mns. The film produced in 1991 by Jean Clottes and Film Service of Scientific Research, presents the sanctuary-cave of Niaux in Ariège, discovered in 1906. This cave, second only to Lascaux is one of the most beautiful decorated caves in France (the famous "Salon noir" with its painted animals and numerous engravings in the clay of the floor).

Short videofilms Four short films of about 5 mms time are shown beside the linking artefacts. These pictures allow visitors to have a closer view on the engravings. The films are produced by Pierre Jamet, together with the "Direction des Musées de France", the "Mission de la Recherche et de la Technologie", the "Institut de Recherche en Informatique" in Toulouse, and the "Department de l’Organisation et des Systèmes d’Informations".

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