Second Trial of the Prix de Rome Contest in Historical Painting

Congratulations! You have been chosen to proceed to the second trial, but the hardest part is not over yet.

When: the second trial took place 5 days after the judgement of the first trial

Number of contestants: up to 20 students

Length of trial: 4 sessions, 7 hours each

Where: the contestants were locked into the same rooms as during the first trial

The Assignment: one nude figure study, 81 X 65 cm in size, of a male model, the pose of which was determined on by the supervising professor

The Judging:was performed a few days later by the same jury as before. The works were each numbered and presented, alongside the painted sketches from the first trial, to the jury, who voted on the 10 best. The winning pieces were again put under lock and key, to be displayed towards the end of the contest. Few examples remain as a testament of these second trials.

The Next step:up to 10 fortunate finalists proceeded to the final, third trial of the contest.